Who We Are

We are a financial services partner serving the Foursquare family by providing solutions that integrate faith and finances for enduring Kingdom impact.

We are trusted stewards with servant advisors, product specialists and an executive team that is responsive. We will be the financial provider that the Foursquare family chooses first.

We manage people, processes, technology, and assets. Our goal is total trust and participation, giving an opportunity to invest that is reliable with secure returns and the advancement of the Gospel.

We offer ways to discover how all of our resources can help fulfill the Great Commission through insightful, biblically-based planning and resource multiplication, measured by new prospects, accounts, dollars and positive customer feedback.

We care for, encourage, and exceed expectations through our supply of distinctive products for managing Kingdom impact. We are collaborative and dedicated to seeing our churches and members prosper.

We are spirit-led professional managers committed to biblical stewardship. With more money for more ministry, the outcome will be a Church that thrives!