Investment Rates

Investment Certificate Rates

FOR A LIMITED TIME: 4.50% Centennial Promotional Investment Certificate*

Demand 1-Year 2-Year 3-Year 4-Year 5-Year IRA
2.000% 3.000% 3.250% 3.375% 3.500% 4.000% 4.000%

Premium Rates available for investments over $250,000.

This is not an offering to sell securities referred to herein. The offering is made only by the offering circular, which includes all risk factors. The Offering Circular may be obtained by calling or visiting us online at An investment in Foursquare Financial Solutions Loan Fund involves certain risks that other investment options may not have. Not all risks can be quantified or compared to other investments. You should carefully evaluate all the risks in assessing the potential benefit of the various investments. NOT FDIC or SIPC INSURED. Not a bank deposit, nor is it a Foursquare Financial guarantee.

*Centennial promotional certificate is for a limited time, one-year term, for new investments of $1,000 to $250,000. No premium rate available on promotional certificates.