Construction Cost Management

Construction Cost Management is a church’s essential partner when undertaking a construction or renovation project and helps protect the interests of both the borrower and lender.

Construction managers provide important services that encompass all aspects of a construction project and help reduce delays, costs, and frustration and provide peace of mind while your vision comes to life. Services offered typically include project administration, design planning and review, accounting and budget compliance, and construction review and coordination. As your liaison, a construction manager coordinates communications with contractors and architects, monitors performance, insures that project expenses are advanced free of liens, and fosters cooperation and goodwill with your contractors and service providers—all with your interests in mind. The cost savings experienced typically far exceed the cost of construction management services.

Foursquare Financial Solutions requires use of a construction manager with every construction loan. We recommend CityWorks Management, LLC of Pasadena, California to our borrowers. CityWorks has over 30 years of professional experience and expertise and knows the unique needs and requirements of churches and ministries. CityWorks “strives to provide excellence in quality and service by means which will give glory to God.” Churches may use other construction managers as approved by FFS.