Prequalification & Rates

Foursquare Financial Solutions wants the opportunity to be your potential financial lending partner and to help you accelerate your God-given mission.

Distinctively Different

You have many choices in today’s marketplace, but Foursquare Financial Solutions is distinctively different. Revenue generated from every loan invests into your Foursquare family for Kingdom expansion, unlike other lending institutions. At FFS, you can know where your money is going—to godly purposes and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Competitive Financing

Additionally, Foursquare Financial Solutions is committed to providing affordable financing that is competitive with the marketplace coupled with responsible stewardship.

Ministry Minded

FFS also provides bridge loans for churches undergoing capital campaigns (whether now or in the future)—a product generally not available in the secular marketplace—as well as professional resources for churches, including assistance if your church pursues a purchase through a bargain sale.


Consider what members of our Foursquare family who have used FFS have shared:

    “The folks at FFS not only understood our needs and were very professional in helping us, but were incredibly proactive in walking us through the process to get the best loan we could with the greatest ease. Try it, you’ll like it!

      Bill Kafflen, Assisting Minister, Life Center (Spokane, Washington)

    “We are thankful for FFS’ passion and vision to come alongside local churches, districts, and ministries to release amazing funding. That FFS not only provides insight into creative financial solutions, but also offers to come alongside ministries in a supporting role is exceptional!”

      Scott Reese, Supervisor, Foursquare Southeast District

The Next Step

The Preliminary Loan Questionnaire, when completed, will provide the Foursquare Financial Solutions Loan Fund the necessary information to begin the loan review process and make an informed stewardship decision about the advisability of your ministry securing a loan. Our decision will be based on the information you provide and our shared investment in your vision for the future. If you don’t prequalify, we will give you feedback as to what steps the church can take to improve their financial position and potentially secure a loan.

After prequalification and once you’ve completed the full formal loan application, you won’t have to go through the process again! Further, any loan application fee is refunded if your loan isn’t approved or is credited towards closing costs for approved loans.

Loan Inquiries

Loans from FFS Loan Fund are provided exclusively to churches and ministries affiliated with the Foursquare Church.

Questions on the loan application and completed applications should be directed to our Loan Department at , or at our address here. Contact Us.

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